NetOne slashes mobile broadband dongle price

NetOne slashes mobile broadband dongle price
Published: 02 September 2013
NetOne, Zimbabwe's third largest mobile operator, last week announced via adverts in the press the reduction of its 3G broadband dongle from the previous $50 to $35.

The announcement comes a whole 6 months after their competition slashed device prices earlier this year.

Econet and Telecel, who reviewed dongle prices back in February, sell 3G dongles at $28 and $30 respectively, which means the NetOne dongle remains more expensive. NetOne however sells the dongle with 500MB of data which is significantly more than the 300MB preloaded on their competitor's devices.

The actual data usage tariffs remain the same, basically US4.3 cents for the most expensive bundle (70MB) and 2.5 cents for the cheapest but largest bundle (2GB). 
- techzim


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