ZTA, SAA strike deal

ZTA, SAA strike deal
Published: 22 January 2014
The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) has struck a deal with South Africa Airways (SAA) which will see the airline facilitating travel arrangements for tour operators and journalists to promote the local tourism sector, an official has said.

Speaking after the arrival of a 12-member tourism delegation comprising tour operators and journalists from the United Kingdom, ZTA representative in the UK, Mrs Felicia Munjaidi, said SAA was a major player in Zimbabwe's tourism sector.

"The main purpose of this travel facility is to support tour operators and journalists who are playing a big role in promoting the country's image abroad," she said.

Mrs Munjaidi said the visit by the delegation would help instil confidence in other people considering coming to visit Zimbabwe.

According to the ZTA, tourism arrivals increased by 30 percent from 130 000 in 2012 to 170 000 in 2013. Zimbabwe is also the second most-visited country in Africa.

"This is the first group from United Kingdom in a very long time. They are here to see, help and promote destination Zimbabwe," Mrs Munjaidi said.

She said the delegation was going to meet the British Ambassador to Zimbabwe to lobby for relaxation of travel requirements which were threatening the growth of tourism sector. 
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