Zim adopts harmonised Comesa seed regulations

Zim adopts harmonised Comesa seed regulations
Published: 04 September 2017
ZIMBABWE today launched harmonized Common Markets for Eastern and Southern Africa Seed Regulations, which it has domesticated as part of regional efforts to enable free trade of seed varieties across member states.

The regional regulations are expected to enhance agriculture productivity in the region, boost exports for local seed houses as well as improve availability of affordable quality seed varieties to farmers, mostly small scale.

Domesticating the COMESA seed regulations will allow Zimbabwe to align its seed regulations with those of the regional trade body.

"The aim of the harmonization of the COMESA Seed Regulations was to increase regional trade on seed and Zimbabwe has domesticated the regional COMESA seed regulations thus creating an enabling environment for regional trade.

"There is need to work with seed companies to realize the benefits of this initiative," said COMESA chief finance officer Mrs Gizila Takavarasha.

Domestication of the COMESA harmonized seed regulations also seeks to strengthen the capacity of the private seed sector to take advantage of the regional trade opportunities that are created by the initiative.

Zimbabwe Seed Trade Association president Mr Dennias Zaranyika said despite such an initiative, there was still need to guard against the proliferation of fake seed within the region.

In light of this, the association in conjunction with various stakeholders would embark on sensitization programmes to take advantage of the initiative to provide quality seed and increased competition.

"The implementation of this harmonised system is expected to contribute to seed and food security through increased investments in the seed sector," said Mr Zaranyika.

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