No dispute in historic $4bn platinum deal

No dispute in historic $4bn platinum deal
Published: 23 March 2018
Mines and Mining Development Minister Winston Chitando yesterday said the land that has been allocated to Karo Resources - which intends to roll-out a $4,2 billion platinum mining project in the Mhondoro Ngezi area - is not under dispute.

This comes as there had been concerns that the mining concessions allocated to Karo Resources are not part of the 27 948 hectares compulsorily acquired by Government from Zimplats on May 24 last year.

On January 13 last year, Government issued a preliminary notice in terms of which it gave fresh notice - through a Government Gazette Extraordinary – of its intention to compulsorily acquire land measuring 27 948 hectares within Zimplats' special mining lease area.

After the notice, Zimplats immediately lodged an objection to the proposed acquisition of the land and after that, Government served the operating subsidiary with an order of compulsory acquisition on May 24 last year.
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