Hyenas kill kudu in reception area of Zimbabwean safari camp

Published: 07 July 2018
Talk about a close encounter with African wildlife.

More than a dozen hyenas killed a kudu in the reception area of a safari camp in Zimbabwe, leaving a large pool of blood. There were no guests in the area during the nighttime kill last month, but they heard the commotion.

Facebook video of the scene at Kavinga Safari Camp in Mana Pools National Park shows two people with rifles and flashlights entering the reception area where the kudu carcass lay.

Camp manager Caitlin Wetzlar said Wednesday that the hyenas were unusually quiet, possibly because they didn't want to draw the attention of lions that might steal their meal.

Wetzlar says staff cleaned up the mess and dragged the carcass outside so the hyenas could eat "at a comfortable distance."
- Associated Press
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