Cost of living marginally up

Cost of living marginally up
Published: 16 January 2014
The month of December witnessed a slight increase in the cost of living as measured by the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe's low income urban earner monthly basket for a family of six despite supermarkets running festive season promotions which resulted in decrease in prices of some commodities.

This could be attributed to the anticipation of salary increments in January as well as bonuses which were awarded to most workers.

The cost of living went up 0,48 percent to $564,72 in December from $562,02 in November last year.

The food basket increased by $4,19 or 2,78 percent from $150,76 in November 2013 to $154,95 by the end of December.

The soaps and detergents basket went down by $1,49 or 12,15 percent from $12,26 in November to $10,77.

The price of a two kilogramme packet of rice also went down by US4c from $1,59 to $1,55 while that of a laundry bar of soap decreased by US29c from $1,29 to $1,00 and that of washing powder by US11c from $1,50 to $1,39.

Decreases were also recorded in the prices of tomatoes and onions which went down by US12c and US5c respectively.

The price of tomatoes went down from US73c per kg to US61c while that of onions went down from US85c to US80c per kg.

Increases were recorded in the price of cooking oil which went up by US32c from $1,50 to $1,82 while the price of a head of cabbage went up by US16c from US40c to US56c in December.

The price of a kilogramme of meat went up by US30c from $4,50 to $4,80.

The prices of the other basic commodities which include fuel, margarine, mealie-meal, sugar, tea leaves, bread, salt, flour, fresh milk and bath soap remained unchanged from November 2013 figures.
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