Obert Mpofu warns Chamisa

 Obert Mpofu warns Chamisa
Published: 04 June 2018
HOME Affairs Minister Obert Mpofu says the State will not allow the MDC Alliance and its followers to target President Emmerson Mnangagwa's Munhumutapa offices in Harare among places cited for next Tuesday's opposition march to press for electoral reforms.

The Nelson Chamisa-led opposition coalition has called for a street demonstration against the current government's failure to roll out comprehensive electoral reforms ahead of harmonised elections July 30.

Mpofu told NewZimbabwe.com Friday that the opposition was best advised to continue with its electoral campaigns than engage in protests that had the potential to disturb prevailing peace in the country.

He also queried the decision by the MDC Alliance to march to the President's offices while urging the opposition to consider its position.

"We have clearly stated that we will not tolerate any undue behaviour from any quota while we prepare for the elections," Mpofu said.

He added: "How can a demonstration that is targeting the Head of State's office be said to be peaceful?!

"If it is true that they want to march to the president's office, that cannot be viewed as peaceful and we appeal to them not to do that. It's time for campaigns and they should actually do their organisation in a peaceful manner."

Mpofu was quick to say that the opposition march should be planned in accordance with the country's tough security laws.
- newzimbabwe


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