Trust Holdings delisted from the ZSE

Trust Holdings delisted from the ZSE
Published: 20 November 2013
Trust Holdings has been removed from the ZSE official list with effect from today.
Trust applied for the company's shares to be temporarily suspended from trading on May 27 this year and the ZSE acceded to the request to suspend trading in the company's shares with effect from May 31 in order to protect shareholder value. The suspension was to be reviewed upon clearance of all outstanding issues.
The ZSE sought and obtained the permission of the Securities and Exchange Commission to remove Trust from the official list following Trust's failure to meet its continuing obligations in terms of the Stock Exchange Listings Requirements. The decision was reached after Trust failed to provide quarterly shareholder updates, publish financial results and an annual report, convene a statutory shareholder meeting in 2013 and pay the ZSE annual sustenance fees.

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