Zim Dutch exports hit $100 000

Zim Dutch exports hit $100 000
Published: 15 June 2018
ZIMBABWE's exports to the Netherlands have gradually increased since 2002 to reach $100 000 last year from $60 000 in 2016.

The Netherlands and Zimbabwe have been trading partners for years, especially in the agriculture sector, with the Scandinavian country being the major destination of the country's horticulture produce.

Statistics presented by ZimTrade acting chief executive Allan Majuru at a horticulture/livestock seminar organised by BancABC and attended by 14 traders from the Netherlands seeking to explore opportunities in horticulture and livestock, indicated that 32 percent of exports to the Netherlands comprised iron and steel, 29 percent fruit and nuts, nine percent vegetables, six percent flowers and 18 percent tobacco.

"According to Trade Map, there is some business happening between Zimbabwe and the Netherlands but we need to grow that business.

"Currently most of our exports, about 60 percent, are going to South Africa and Netherlands does not even feature in the top 10 export markets compared to 1992 when it was a major destination Zimbabwean products," Majuru said.

Total export earnings for Zimbabwe in 2017 were $3,5 with minerals, energy and fuels earning $1,8 billion and tobacco $800 million.

With horticulture being one of the country's major foreign currency earners before the land reform, statistics show that in 2009, horticulture contributed 15 percent to total exports. However, it declined to 0,9 percent in 2017, earning $29,7 million.

"The quantum of exports to the Netherlands is very low and we need to work on that because we all know that in terms of horticulture, the Netherlands is the place to be. Not much has been happening in Zimbabwe in terms of horticulture exports since 2009. In the 90s, Zimbabwe was the leading horticulture exporter in Africa followed by Kenya. Today in Kenya, horticulture is a billion dollar industry," Majuru said.

ZimTrade has partnered with PUM, a Netherlands business support organisation, to provide factory floor interventions and expert advice to small and medium scale farmers in the horticultural sector.

The interventions are aimed at enhancing productivity and export competitiveness through on-farm training.

In 2001 exports to the Netherlands were valued at $120 000.
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