Internet shutdown costs govt millions of dollars

THE government lost millions of dollars through delayed revenue inflows due to the slow processing of imports and exports after the switching off internet services countrywide.Government threw the cou...

By Staff reporter | Published: 20 January 2019


Property developers demand US dollars

Property developers are demanding payment in US dollars for residential stands or houses in a development that might further exclude ordinary people from owning houses. The development flies in the fa...

By Staff reporter | Published: 01 January 2019


Re-dollarisation of economy: Wrong turn for Zimbabwe

There is an effervescence in the economy - an imperceptible but definite shift towards re- dollarisation of the economy.Initially a trickle, this will soon turn into a mighty tide in one direction –...

By Joseph Mverecha | Published: 30 December 2018


US dollar for tobacco, cotton farmers

Tobacco and cotton growers will be paid 20 percent of their produce in foreign currency in the next marketing season while the Government will retain the remainder to help meet imports of essential co...

By Business Weekly | Published: 07 December 2018


Dollars vs Zollars

Government's insistence on a fixed 1:1 exchange rate has continued to create headaches for companies who have to report within prescribed accounting standards. This comes as the US dollar, adopted as ...

By Reuters | Published: 06 December 2018


'Zimbabwe economy unofficially dollarises'

Zimbabwe is undergoing bond notes substitution and progressive unofficial dollarisation, economists have said.This comes as more citizens are shunning the national currency in favour of the historical...

By Staff reporter | Published: 02 December 2018


Zimbabweans want US or Zim dollar only, not SA Rand

THE majority of Zimbabweans would be happy to adopt the United States dollar or the Zimbabwe dollar as only currency and are adverse to the use of bond notes, according to a recent public opinion surv...

By Staff reporter | Published: 21 September 2018


Mnangagwa's source of multi-million-dollar campaign cash questioned

IN TERMS of funding alone, the ruling Zanu-PF party has clearly had a huge advantage over the competition as campaigning gets into the final stretch for the crunch July 30 elections.Huge billboards an...

By Staff reporter | Published: 22 July 2018


'No Zimdollar return'

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has refuted claims circulating on social media about the reintroduction of the banished local unit.Social media sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter were awa...

By Staff reporter | Published: 05 July 2018


RBZ dismisses Zimdollar return rumours

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has advised members of the public to ignore and dismiss the social media article on the re-introduction of the local currency with the contempt it deserves.In a stat...

By Staff reporter | Published: 03 July 2018


Mukupe dismisses Zimdollar return reports

FINANCE and Economic Planning Deputy Minister Terrence Mukupe has dismissed a statement circulating on social media announcing the re-introduction of the local currency.The statement purportedly signe...

By Staff reporter | Published: 03 July 2018


Zimdollar to make a comeback, says Chiwenga

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga says the Zimbabwe dollar will be reintroduced at an "appropriate time", after the government has fixed the country's ailing economy.According to the state-owned Her...

By Staff reporter | Published: 30 June 2018


US dollar black market rate soars

A crazed pre-election demand for the United States dollar has pushed the black market premium to an all-time high as shortages of foreign exchange fuels a roaring currency black market now driving up ...

By Staff reporter | Published: 28 June 2018


Zimdollar at appropriate time, says Chiwenga

GOVERNMENT will reintroduce a Zimbabwean currency at the appropriate time as part of a sustainable economic growth strategy, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has said. He was addressing a Zanu-PF r...

By Staff reporter | Published: 28 June 2018


China dumps dollars

SOME Chinese banks today sold off large amounts of dollars to devalue the yuan, further rattling investors.The move by Chinese banks was likely at the behest of the Chinese government, analysts said, ...

By Staff reporter | Published: 27 June 2018


Economists ponder Zimdollar return

ZIMBABWE will have to use the parallel market rate to determine the official exchange rate when it introduces a new currency, economic commentators have said.The country adopted a multi-currency syste...

By Staff reporter | Published: 27 June 2018


Mnangagwa hints on Zimdollar return

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa on Saturday hinted on plans to reintroduce the Zimbabwe dollar to curb the current cash shortages.Addressing a Zanu-PF campaign rally in Bulawayo, Mnangagwa said the grind...

By Staff reporter | Published: 25 June 2018


Zimpapers enters billion-dollar TV industry

ZIMBABWE Newspapers (1980) Ltd last week took a giant step towards becoming the first fully integrated media house in the country.The company got its content distribution licence, which enables Zimpap...

By Staff reporter | Published: 20 May 2018


US dollar, RTGS not at par, says CZI

PEGGING the greenback to Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) balances and bond notes on a one-to-one basis does not reflect the true value of the US dollar, the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI...

By Staff reporter | Published: 17 May 2018


Botswana offers multi-million dollar market for Zim

BOTSWANA has a huge market for Zimbabwean products as long as they are priced competitively, a ZimTrade survey has indicated.The trade promotion body conducted a market survey in Botswana in February ...

By Staff reporter | Published: 10 May 2018


Gold slips as dollar hits 2018 high

Gold slipped on Tuesday as the dollar surged to a new 2018 high against its rivals, though losses were limited by worries the United States may be set to pull out of a key nuclear accord with Iran.U.S...

By Reuters | Published: 08 May 2018


Copper falls due to a stronger dollar

Copper prices fell on Tuesday as the effect of a strengthening dollar overshadowed positive trade data from China, the world's largest consumer and producer of industrial metals.Chinese imports and ex...

By Reuters | Published: 08 May 2018


Dollar strengthens back towards 2018 high

The dollar climbed back towards its highest level in 2018 on Monday as investors continued to bet that rising interest rates in the United States would boost the greenback.The index measuring the doll...

By Reuters | Published: 08 May 2018


'Chart path towards Zimdollar return'

GOVERNMENT should start developing a clear monetary plan for the introduction of local currency at the appropriate time when necessary measures have been put in place, an official said yesterday.The c...

By Staff reporter | Published: 25 April 2018


Too early for Zimdollar return, says Mukupe

Government will not introduce a local currency before establishing the right and necessary import cover, Finance and Economic Development Deputy Minister Terrence Mukupe has said.Addressing a public l...

By Staff reporter | Published: 12 April 2018

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