A positive outlook for Delta Corporation

A positive outlook for Delta Corporation
Published: 18 May 2018
Delta Corporation's net earnings are expected to jump 16 percent to $103 million in the financial year 2019 on anticipated volume growth, despite competition from Pepsi, which is likely to cut the group's market share, according to forecasts by analysts.

Indian Varun Beverages, manufacturers of Pepsi, broke ground for a mineral drinks plant in Zimbabwe in November 2015 before commencing operations this year in March, cutting Delta's long-held monopoly in the soft drinks business.

Market watchers, however, contend a good command in market share still puts Delta - biggest company on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange by market capitalisation - in a competitive position ahead of peers.

Additionally, measures by management to contain costs and remodel products in line with the evolving styles and market trends, should result in higher sales, better margins and will be a defence measure for the beverages manufacturer.
- Business Weekly
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