NRZ operational capacity peaks

NRZ operational capacity peaks
Published: 09 May 2018
Leased equipment from Transnet has stabilised the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ)'s operational capacity, enabling the parastatal to reach a peak in its operations.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa in February unveiled 13 locomotives, 34 passenger coaches and 200 wagons from Transnet as part of measures to revive the parastatal under an agreement with the Diaspora Investment Development Group (DGIG) Transnet Consortium.

In an interview, NRZ public relations manager Nyasha Maravanyika said the interim solution equipment has allowed them to cover gaps within the parastatal and to ensure they stabilise in terms of operations

"The interim solution equipment leased to NRZ as part of the rudimentary phases of the recapitalisation project by DIDG consortium has gone a long way in stabilising our operations.

"Remember we were saying that we need this interim solution equipment to ensure that we cover the operational gaps that were now taking place.

"For example, early this year, there were articles concerning Zimasco where they were saying they failed to transport their 200 tonnes of chrome oil because NRZ does not have enough wagons.

"This initial phase for our recapitalisation project, where the president received the interim solution equipment was mainly to cover those gaps. Now as we speak, most of the 200 wagons that we received have been given to customers such as Zimasco among others so that they can capacitate the transportation of their tonnages, so that way it also improves the capacity for NRZ," he said.

Maravanyika said the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls route has been given a boost in terms of passengers and interest since the commencement of the deal.

"We recently received three more locomotives from the Transnet deal, initially seven were released but now they are 10, and last month we received some of the remaining 49 wagons, meaning we are left with receiving three locomotives.

"It has also increased our capacity in terms of locomotives which actually pull these wagons, with the seven coaches we received; we haven't received more since the last ones.

"We put them on the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls route and that's where we have increased patronage in terms of people boarding that train.

"Initially, without brown coaches going to Victoria Falls, we were having a patronage of around 240 but it has gone up to over 300. So in terms of passenger services, this route has been given a boost by us putting those locomotives on that route.

"However, the other routes are still operating with our old coaches," he said.

Maravanyika said; "In terms of the welfare of workers, the operational capacity has stabilised and yielded positive results for the workers in terms of their welfare.

"We are happy that the stabilisation of our operational capacity has indeed improved our capacity to ensure we take care of workers welfare.

"The situation for our workers is improving, the workers are getting salaries every month although the government is yet to take care of old debts," he said.
NRZ employees had for years endured massive salary arrears.

The NRZ deal will be finalised at the end of June as there are still on-going negotiations.
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