Police crack down on errant motorists

Police crack down on errant motorists
Published: 04 June 2018
Police here have issued a stern warning to both motorists and members of the public against violating traffic rules and regulations as well as engaging in corrupt practices.

The reaction by the law enforcers comes at a time when there has been a spike in road traffic accidents in the second city's central business district (CBD), with an average of 378 traffic accidents being recorded on monthly basis.

Police provincial spokesperson Precious Simango said it was with great concern that they have noted an upsurge in deplorable behaviour of motorists, particularly in the CBD.

"The behaviour and attitude exhibited by public transport operators and some private motorists cannot go unchecked.

"Of late we have been experiencing an increase in avoidable traffic accidents where some lead to unnecessary loss of lives or serious injuries and damages," she said.

The police said motorists have developed a tendency of driving through red robots, driving against one-way traffic, parking in the middle of the roads among other traffic transgressions.

Simango said police were currently conducting campaigns, warning the motoring public against wayward behaviour which threatens to create anarchy in the once-respectable city.
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