Mushekwi's wife files for divorce

Mushekwi's wife files for divorce
Published: 12 July 2017
China-based former Warriors striker, Nyasha Mushekwi's estranged wife, Luminitsa Dumbisa Mushekwi, has filed a decree of divorce and a $3 500 monthly maintenance claim against her husband, saying the duo's six-year marriage has irretrievably broken down to the extent that there were no prospects of restoration.

The development deals another blow for the footballer, who has reportedly been banned from playing for the national team by Zifa for allegedly leading a strike by the team ahead of the Africa Cup of Nations in January.

Luminitsa and Mushekwi were married on December 31, 2011 and the couple's marriage, although they were currently not staying together, still subsists.

Mushekwi's wife filed the divorce papers on Friday last week, through her lawyers, Venturas and Samukange Legal Practitioners, saying she had lost love, trust and affection for Mushekwi.

"The marriage between the parties has irretrievably broken down to the extent that there are no prospects of restoration of a normal marriage relationship between them, more particularly, in that plaintiff (Luminitsa) has lost love, trust and affection for the defendant (Mushekwi)," the claim read.

Luminitsa said the couple had had continuous differences and not shared a bed since 2015.

"The parties have constant disagreements, which render marriage life insupportable. The parties have lived separately since 2015 and have not shared the matrimonial bed since then. There are absolutely no prospects of reconciliation between the parties," she said.

The couple has one child, whose custody Luminitsa said she would have, but says Mushekwi should support by paying $2 500.

She also said the couple "acquired a property in South Africa – B1106 Hill of Good Hope 2, 94 New Road, Midrand, and it is just and equitable in settlement of the parties' proprietary rights arising out of the marriage that the property be shared equally at 50% each".

"It is in the best interest of the minor that the plaintiff be awarded custody subject to reasonable rights of access by the defendant on every alternate weekend from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, every alternate public holiday and every alternate school holiday," Luminitsa said.

"It is in the best interest of the minor that defendant continues paying fees for the child at Bealiue Preparatory School up to completion of his tertiary education and further pays for the minor child's school trips twice a year."

She said it would be in the best interest of justice that Mushekwi be ordered to pay "medical aid for the minor child until he attains the age of 18 or becomes self-supporting, whichever occurs first, and to pay $2 500 as maintenance per month until the minor attains the age of 18 or becomes self-supporting whichever comes first".

Luminitsa also said besides the child's maintenance, she was seeking $1 000 spousal maintenance, a personal vehicle and 50% shares of policies in South Africa, among other claims.

"… that defendant pays $1 000 as maintenance per month for the plaintiff until she remarries or dies, whichever occurs first; that he provides plaintiff with a motor vehicle for use; that he pays plaintiff 50% of the five policies in South Africa; and that he pay for travel tickets twice a year for the plaintiff and the minor for purposes of visiting relatives," she said.

Mushekwi is yet to respond to the divorce application.
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